The Dream Store opened in August 2013 as part of the Rock Hill Dream Center's Outreach Ministries.  The RHDC is a faith based ministry serving the needs of people in Rock Hill that are struggling with life.  Our goal is to build a relationship with the people we serve as well as share the gospel.   The RHDC Dream Store operates to support the ministries of the RHDC by generating income from the sale of donated property.  

The store is a place where we can engage the community and develop relationships.  This not just another store, it is an outreach ministry where we have the opportunity to meet people from our city and share the gospel through our servitude and prayer.  

Vision Statement:

To See our communities transformed by the Gospel through loving, serving, sharing and sending. (Romans 12:2)

Mission Statement:

We will walk with and support men, women and children who are willing to surrender to the invitation of Jesus Christ.  We will also show love and compassion to the ones who are not children of God.